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[12月優惠]Super Flower LEADEX Platinum Series 1600W 80 Plus Platinum Fully-Modular

$550 (-19%)



LAEDEX Platinum series PSU are 80+ Platinum certified with 100% fully modular cable design, our R&D team's latest innovation, a brilliant idea to maximize PSU cables & connectors management to have the best cable routing solution, also increase case chassis air flow to have best cooling for your system.
LEADEX series PSU provides high efficiency & stable power output and come with a 14cm two-way thermal control intelligent cooling fan to ensure your professional PC system will work under heavy load, also capable of powering your PC system equipped with NVIDIA® SLI™ or ATI CrossFireX™ setup.

♦ 100% Full Modular Cabling Design For Easy Cable Management.
♦ 80 PLUS ® Platinum Certified, 90% 92% 89% Efficiency At 20% 50% 100% Rated Load.
♦ Excellent stability & voltage regulation.
♦ Full Range Auto Voltage Detection Design 100V~240V (Active PFC).
♦ Comply With ATX 12V v2.32 & SSI EPS 12V v2.92 Specification.
♦ Comply With Energy Star Standard & EuP (Energy Using Products) Regulation.
♦ 100% high quality Japanese capacitors.
♦ 140mm double ball bearing cooling fan.
♦ Over Voltage Protection / Over Current Protection / Over Power Protection / Short Circuit Protection /Under Voltage Protection / Over Temperature Protection / Low Voltage Protection / 
No Load Operation / Surge & Inrush Protection.
♦ Support All Intel/AMD Multi-Core CPU & ATX/BTX Compatible Motherboards.
♦ Support NVIDIA® SLI™ & ATI CrossFireX™ High Performance Graphic Card.
♦ More than 2,000 times On/Off test.
♦ Unleaded Green Materials with RoHS/WEEE Compliance.
♦ Perfect For Professional & High Performance Gaming System.
♦ Bridgeless PFC & Full-Bridge LLC Resonant Circuit Design.
♦ Exclusive Patents(Taiwan & China Patents Approved,USA,Germany & Japan Patent Pending)
1.ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System.
2.Multi patent pending high efficiency main transformer.

(China Application No: 201410414373.3 / 201420474128.7;Taiwan Application No: 103127942 / 103214502;U.S.A, Germany, Japan Patent Pending)
This product is designed for personal desktop system and high-end gaming systems, warranty void if use for the following special-purpose system:
  • Industrial grade server system.
  • Special ultra-high load operation system (for example: bitcoin mining machine... etc.)
  • Test equipment system (for example: memory RAM, VGA graphic card or USB device test)
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